Nobody Cares About Old Presidents Anymore


Once upon a time Bill Clinton was a hot young maverick with an endearing taste for french fries and plump ladies, while George W. Bush charmed the world with hiscockulicious flight-suit costumes and unquenchable thirst for near-beer. But now, compared to our elegant new president (Dr. Spock), these two guys just look like washed-up old losers who can't even sell out a crowd in Canada. We haven't seen this precipitous a decline among members of the Washington elite since Butterstick hit the crack pipe.

Bush and Clinton are going to speak in Toronto tomorrow, and nobody wants to go see them. Tickets are $229 CDN, or approx. 15 cents American.

One guy who is trying to unload his ticket complained that it would probably be just a boring discussion between two guys who don't even hate each other enough to do anything interesting.

"It's not going to be a debate. It's going to be a lot friendlier than that. For a more robust exchange, I would certainly be happy to camp out for it. Absolutely."

In other words, tits or GTFO.

Bush-Clinton tickets not that hot [Globe and Mail]


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