Nobody Is Afraid Of Large Groups Of People Armed With Guns, Argues Gun Weirdo

Nobody Is Afraid Of Large Groups Of People Armed With Guns, Argues Gun Weirdo

We speculate a lot around here about what, exactly, makes some people feel that they should be allowed to carry a loaded gun whenever and wherever they please."Small penis" is a popular one. "Living in a fantasy world" is another. We'll add "incredibly self-centered" and "insecure for reasons other than a small penis."

But according to CJ Grisham, founder of Open Carry Texas, these are just "inaccurate stereotypes," and if you want the truth about open carry, you should read his piece in the Texas Tribune, called "The truth about open carry." That's how you know it's the truth, because it's called that.

One truth that Grisham holds to be self-evident is that nobody at all was scared when he led a group of armed people (men?) into a Jack in the Box restaurant, which is a thing he did because technically he is allowed to do that:

"Contrary to reports, no one in the restaurant was frightened or alarmed by the presence of our firearms"

Debate over. Nobody was scared! Why, "no employees hid in a freezer or called 911, as was originally reported," even! You see, that's just the plain and simple truth about open carry. And if only our children weren't constantly "inundated with educational propaganda proclaiming that guns are bad" by "the media" and "the entertainment industry" (what entertainment industry is this guy watching?), something something guns are great. That is his point, we think?

At any rate, here's a guy who parlayed his "false arrest" -- which was precipitated by his hiking around suburban Temple, TX with a loaded AR-15 for no discernible reason, which is not technically illegal -- into some degree of prominence in this national parade of assholes called "open carry" advocates. Where on the List of National Problems is the one these guys are trying to solve? Above or below "Whadaya mean I can't just throw my trash out the window? I pay my taxes!"?

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[Texas Tribune / Texas Penal Code]

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