Nobody Puts The Corner In A Corner Except Rush Limbaugh Because Of Course


  • Cheney and his daughter bounced all around Manhattan the other day, trying to convince everyone to let him bomb Iran by noting that there's a "giant conspiracy" (furtive conspiracy code name: "facts") that's in place to keep him from doing so. [Ben Smith]
  • RAUCOUS INFIGHTING right now, at the Corner, as Jerry Taylor is standing athwart K-Lo pleasuring Rush Limbaugh and shouting "Stop!"... or something. [Matt Yglesias]
  • Remember those torture photos Obama promised to release? The graphic novel accompaniment to Dick Cheney's recent tween novel sensation Waterboarding Towards Bethlehem: A Nationbuildingsroman? So right, never mind about those. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Republicans blocked Obama's second choice for deputy secretary of the interior department, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is so sad! [The Caucus]
  • Obama is trying to make sure that the Olympics go to Chicago in 2016 because according to history as personified by Nate Silver, this is good news for the incumbent president. [538]

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