Red wine is actually a Republican drinkAccording to a shocking new poll, nobody trusts Hillary Clinton farther than they could throw her and they would not throw her very far. But her husband says that people who are old and wise, like Bill Clinton, find her very trustworthy indeed because they know the value of a candidate who is a poor public speaker.

The dumb Bosnia story, which involved Mrs. Clinton lying about or maybe just misremembering her torrid threesome with Sinbad and Sheryl Crow while dodging sniper fire, showed unexpected "legs" in the news cycle because it seemed to confirm everything everyone already knew about Hillary Clinton: that she is a mendacious foreign affairs novice with terrible taste in music.

Clinton's blunder, which at first seemed minor and benign, has turned toxic while the public offers up a collective "meh" at revelations that Barack Obama associates with slumlords, black separatists, and elitists. Why oh why are the media so unkind to Hillary and not to Barack? Because (according to Bill Clinton) youngsters do not have the Logical Powers of Fleetwood Mac fans over the age of 50.

Poll Shows Erosion Of Trust in Clinton [Washington Post]

Bill Clinton: Older voters too savvy to fall for Obama [Boston Globe]


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