Nobody Wants Health Care Reform Except Voters, And Who Cares About Them?

  • It was bad enough when we learned the government was withholding information from us about secret CIA programs and warrantless wiretapping. But this cover-up about how distracted driving can kill you ... this is our generation's Watergate. (Seriously, it's pretty bad.) [New York Times]
  • Guess what happens when you Taser a guy who's been huffing gasoline? He bursts into flames. [BBC News]
  • Peace in our time! Governor Schwarzenegger has reached a deal with the recalcitrant California state legislature to enact $15 billion in spending cuts and balance the budget. [Reuters]
  • People are feeling slightly more sanguine about the state of their healthcare this month, so no need to do all that pesky overhaulin'. [AP]
  • Southwest Airlines, which has a reputation for savvy fuel-price hedging, ended up on the wrong side of the market for most of 2009 and as a result their Q2 profits look pretty bad. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the nation's largest health insurance lobby are releasing separate ad campaigns to show they support a health care overhaul, just not one that has a prayer of making it through Congress or that actually overhauls anything. [Wall Street Journal]

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