Nobody Wants The Pope's Sex Advice

  • Barack Obama has marshalled an army of sanctimonious libtard groups to help press for passage of his budget, thereby ensuring its failure. [Los Angeles Times]
  • A Pennsylvania judge was found guilty of accepting cash from the owner of a juvenile detention center in exchange for sending innocent teenaged pranksters there for extended stays. [Guardian]
  • In the US, we keep hearing about "stress tests" for banks. In the UK, they actually perform these stress tests, and one bank has reportedly passed, huzzah! [Bloomberg]
  • E-medical records sound great and all, but they are expensive, so only 9 percent of American hospitals use them. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The medical journal The Lancet has a bone to pick with the Pope for suggesting that condom use increases the incidence of AIDS. [Reuters UK]
  • A suicide bombing at a mosque in northwest Pakistan killed at least 48 people. [New York Times]

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