Not too long ago, some of the most coveted jobs in Washington lay in the Republican National Committee. Its employees went to work at noon, were fed peeled grapes by strapping young men in American flag-themed loincloths, dined on baby whale-steaks with the world's most creative and decadent war criminals, and then rode home on gold-plated dildos at 4pm sharp. But now under the leadership of Michael Steele, RNC gigs gotten so depressing that long-time employees are leaving.

The latest defection: the organization's CFO and chief administrator, Jay Banning, is abandoning his post after 33 years. Why? Who knows! But would you want to work for an actual insane person who goes on TV blabbing such nonsense as "I'm done" with the president because the president has allegedly not returned Chairman Steele's phone calls, even though the president has been extremely solicitous of Republicans throughout his short tenure in office?

Shit, just watch this clip to the point where Steele avows that he is not jealous of Obama for being president because he is head of the RNC, which is equally awesome. Not that every politician must be compared to an NBC comedy character, but there is a touch of Michael Scott's pointedly stupid narcissism in this guy.

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