Noodles Without Fuss

All the food buzz these days seems to about where theObamas are eating, or the restaurants to avoid because they’re infested with interns, or where those kids from the Real World are going to eat their first meal in the big city.

(Oh, and have you seen the photos of the house? And the photos of the inside too? And the photos of the photos looking at the photos?)

But these restaurants aside, there sits a little not yet Obama/intern/Real World-ified restaurant on U Street called Noodles, and it serves damn good food.

As the name leads one to assume, the restaurants serves noodles and you can get them in just about any variation possible. You’ve got your noodles with curry (we recommend the Red Curry Chicken and Pumpkin with Spinach Linguine), your spicy noodles (the Drunken Noodles are excellent and not too spicy), and your noodles in soup with beef, chicken, seafood or duck that can be made spicy, bland, sour or however you want them. Plus, if you’re an intern and you desperately want to be in charge of something other than stapling, at Noodles you have the power to choose what kind of noodles you want (wide, thin, or rice noodle/egg noodles) AND your preferred meat (though for whatever they list the well known vegan product tofu as a possible meat selection).

But most importantly, if you like eating at restaurants that think the more postmodern and odd the decor, the more you’ll enjoy your food, then this could be your new favorite place. Because everyone knows that your eating experience is far superior when the water glass is a curved cylinder instead of straight, and that the food tastes better when the bowls are ten times larger than the actual content filling them, and that the chairs are definitely much more comfortable when they’re bright white and look like they belong outside in the garden. Throw in some bright red walls, and this could be the best meal of your life.

Pretentious decor aside, Noodles serves an affordable, delicious meal.  Eat there before Michelle, Barack, and whoever the next Puck is, turn it in the next most frequented restaurant for all the wrong reasons.

DC Noodles‎, 1410 U St NW, Washington, DC‎, (202) 232-8424‎.


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