Noonan's Hack: Still Multiple Choice

Thanks to all those who played Page Six Family Feud, Wall Street Journal Edition. We said: Who is The Hack alluded to in Peggy Noonan's surprisingly bitter account of the Reagan funeral?

Survey said: David Gergen. By far the most popular guess. And he is a hack. Also, as noted by one player, "The conservatives have always hated Gergen because:

* he was not conservative enough

* he worked for Bill Clinton, and

* he worked at Kennedy School of Govt."

A minor problem: Gergen has written a book(s). And the Hack, according to Peggy, is bookless. Moving on.

Survey also said: Ken Khachigian. Says Ken's sponsor: "He fits in the time period and certainly seems to have been singing like a canary. [True. -- Ed.] I think he wrote the '82 Evil Empire speech, it's so gotta be him."

Survey also said: Dana Rohrabacher, who just seems to fit the bill generally. Plus, he's a guy with the name "Dana," which makes him seem sort of untrustworthy. On the other hand, he wasn't out whoring himself to the Gipperpornographers as much as Khachigian.

We'd like to note that just because any one of Reagan's former speechwriters is not The Hack, this does not mean they are not all hacks.

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