Senator Norm Coleman is famous for so many dumb things: for getting his wifemysteriously teleported into a re-election campaign commercial, for sleeping in a drawer, for making publicly available all the information you would need to go on a million-dollar Truck Nutz shopping spree using his donors' credit cards. Also he continues to fail at winning re-election to the Senate. With at track record like this, he's only got one place to go in the Republican party: up.

Some wiseacre Democratic operative is no doubt behind this latest rumor, but it is just too delicious not to run with. The Huffington Post informs us that the Politico reports that "If embattled RNC chairman Michael Steele fails to raise a respectable amount of funds and continues to trip all over himself with rhetorical gaffes, a certain soon-to-be-former Senator is waiting in the wings to take over the post."

Also, Coleman is under investigation by the FBI for allegedly taking $75,000 from some dude, so he's clearly a good fit for any leadership position.

The Republican Party would rather have a moldy hairball for its chairman than suffer another day with Michael Steele, is the point.

Norm Coleman Floated As RNC Chairman Despite Ethics Troubles [Huffington Post]


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