He sure looks like a stupid fucking hippie! - WonketteYou can say at least one thing about the quality of Senator Norm Coleman's character: He surely had no intention of being a GOP politician when this college yearbook photo was taken in 1971. Not even the most brain-damaged pothead would be photographed like this if he had even the slightest intent of running for national office. This is the picture of a young man resigned to his fate at the auto body shop.

But, apparently, he was also some leftist student leader at the time -- and a huge dope fiend. But it's the "leader" part that's hard to believe. Nonetheless, his old college pothead buddy Norm Kent says Coleman was a campus revolutionary of some kind:

"This is a guy who was hippie freak leader of the Students for a Democratic Society [SDS] that helped take over buildings protesting an unjust war in Vietnam who is now a cleaned-up Republican Senator who's had his teeth done, his hair styled and his face remodeled to look like the classic politician that he once opposed...

Norm Kent vs. Norm Coleman redux [Celeb Stoner]


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