Norm Coleman Wants To Be the Next Michael Steele


Since sore-losering his 2008 Senate recount tostate-drawer Al Franken, Minnesota sore-loserman Norm Coleman has been stuck raising money for some random conservative group he heads that likes to air teevee ads. But in January, Michael Steele's term as RNC chair will be up, and Coleman thinks that maybe he will like that job instead of what he is doing now, because what he is doing now is not going to lesbian sex shows. BUT MICHAEL STEELE IS NOT GOING TO STAND ASIDE.

Or maybe he is, as there are a lot of creative new ways to screw up his job that Michael Steele will probably invent between now and January. But still:

Steele has not indicated whether he’ll seek a second term when the RNC meets in January, and his prospects could hinge on how the party performs in the midterm elections.

Even as many establishment Republicans in Washington hope he’ll go quietly, there are some on the committee who still like Steele and may support him if he were to run again.

How? How? He does his little rapper impression, and they go, "Hengh, hengh, that was very good, you seemed very threatening there for a second, Michael. This is a job well done, please don't steal my wallet."

And how could he possibly be given credit for the party's success at the midterms? "Let me shake your hand, Michael. You really kept the economy bad for long enough for us to pick up all those seats."

So what does Coleman say about this?

“My focus is on the 2010 elections,” Coleman wrote in response to questions about his interest in the RNC post. “We have a huge opportunity to stop the Democrats’ out-of-control spending and losing the opportunity would be devastating for the country.”

No, you don't get to do that crap. You don't have a real Senate job any more, Norm. Your focus is not on the 2010 elections, as you have pretty much have nothing to do with the 2010 elections, and you certainly aren't running in any 2010 elections. You are not so busy with calling old wingnuts and asking them for money that you cannot think for five seconds about running for RNC chair. You are thinking about it, as you really have nothing else better to do. [Politico]


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