Actual scary 'Hillary's coming for you are guns' meme found in the wild

Here's what's kind of sad: Stories like this are starting to feel too routine to even bother with anymore. But yes, yet another pro-gun group is raffling off a semiautomatic rifle with the not very subtle hint that it sure would be hilarious if someone were to shoot Hillary Clinton, or at least a picture of her, not that they mean anything by it, no siree. Grass Roots North Carolina offers this just-funnin' ad in its newsletter, in a fundraiser for local Republican candidates:

In what seems like rather poorly thought-out timing, the actual drawing will be on Election Day, November 8; the funds raised will be given to help defeat Democratic candidates: Roy Cooper, who's running against Gov. Pat McCrory; Deborah Ross, running for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Richard Burr; and Josh Stein, who's running for state attorney general. Since tickets will presumably be sold right up until the drawing, it's not altogether clear how the funds will be distributed in time to defeat the nasty gun grabbers, but don't you worry none about that, this is an honest fundraiser and a fun way to get a photo of Hillary Clinton to maybe shoot, if that's the sort of thing that would make you feel good. Not that Second Amendment People would even dream of going after Hillary Clinton herself, since for that job you'd want more of a sniper weapon, haw-haw.

Besides, if Clinton's elected, there'll be another round of the panic-buying of guns that has gone on all during Barack Obama's unconstitutional reign, and you just know that he's still probably going to seize all the guns after he's out of office, somehow. The group has not offered any refunds if Donald Trump is elected; in that eventuality, you'll just have to content yourself with shooting a picture of Hillary Clinton and feeling superior. Or maybe you could take your brand new AR-15 down to the border to help out there, hint-hint.


Doktor Zoom

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