North Carolina Guv Finds Worst Insult For Amendment One Supporters


North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue is extremely unhappy with the 61 percent of her tragically dumb constituents who voted to constitutionally ban gay marriage and gay civil unions in the state. How unhappy? Full nuclear insult unhappy: "People are saying what in the world is going on with North Carolina, we look like Mississippi." OH SNAP.

You gonna take that, Mississippi?

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant says he is disappointed by Perdue's remarks. "Certainly, the comments from the North Carolina governor were very disappointing," said Bryant. "To be able to use Mississippi in a disparaging way on a popular vote in her own state is, I think, something that's certainly petty and something I think she will reflect on and hopefully apologize for those types of remarks."

Hm. Bryant has forgotten the part where he disagrees with the assertion that the state is terrible. [WITN-TV]


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