North Carolina To Legalize Annual 'Possum Drop' For Sake Of Fun, Stereotypes


In a victory over the forces of Political Correctness and animal rights extremists, the North Carolina General Assembly has bravely legalized the annualPossum Drop in Brasstown, a New Year's Eve "tradition" (since 1990) that some idiots who own a convenience store thought would be fun. The special exception to the state's wildlife laws was passed after PETA had sued to stop it, arguing that it was cruel to the possums, which aren't actually dropped, but instead placed in a tinsel-lined plexiglass cage and lowered at midnight, just like the big ball in New York City (you have to say that like in the picante sauce ads).

While we aren't quite as worried as a News & Observer op-ed that the event amounts to "torment[ing] wildlife for fun," we do have to ask, WTF, North Carolina? Possum Drop? We can only hope that there's a jug band and everyone wears festive tuxedo overalls, and then they all write letters to blogs complaining that outsiders stereotype Souherners as a bunch of hicks. Besides, any fool knows that Chicken Boxing is the trendy thing now.

Yee Haw! Your state government in action.

[News & Observer / Image by Cory Marie Podielski]

Doktor Zoom

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