North Dakota Senate Candidate Rick Berg Will Send You To Prison For Your Rapebortion


Well well well! Now that we have asheriff candidate who wants to kill abortionists, a governor who has decided that women are pregnant two weeks before they conceive, a GOP senate candidate who thinks that women can shut down pregnancy stemming from a “legitimate” rape, and another governor who wants to subject women seeking abortions to unnecessary vaginal probes, what exactly are we missing, here? How can we quadruple make sure that no woman ever, under any circumstances, no matter what, feels anything other than shame for accessing a constitutionally protected right to abortion or, alternatively, make it impossible for her to get an abortion in the first place? By supporting life sentences for women that kill “preborn children" with no exceptions for rape or incest or to save the life of the woman, OF COURSE, DUH.

Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND), the candidate for Senate from North Dakota, once voted for a bill that would have made any woman who obtained an abortion guilty of a homicide crime — even if it were in the case of rape or incest. Indeed, the bill Berg supported does not even contain an explicit exception if an abortion is necessary to save the woman’s life.

In 2007, Berg was among the small number of state representatives in the North Dakota House who supported the measure. It also would have imposed penalties on doctors and anyone else who “aids, abets, facilitates, solicits, or incites” a person into an abortion.

And in case you're wondering, Berg (who, by the way, is currently a Congressman on the House Ways and Means Committee) is shocked -- SHOCKED -- to discover that SOME Republicans (we won't say who) are under the impression that women can't get pregnant from certain kinds of rape.

Berg was quick to denounce the comments of a fellow Senate Candidate, Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), when he claimed that a woman couldn’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” Berg called the statement “insulting and reprehensible,” and “condemn[ed] them in the strongest terms possible.”

Of course, like Akin, Berg is highly qualified to legislate women's health care decisions, given that he serves on the Congressional Prayer Caucus. And we look forward to the non-apology apology that is certain to include his deep love for rape victims and something about "misspeaking," or "saying the wrong words in the wrong way," or "using the words that were there."



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