Not A Virgin Anymore

* Barack Obama can raise more money than a DC madame with an incriminating list of phone numbers. And every other presidential candidate. [NYT, WP, LAT]

* Evil corporation gets ready to pillage Virgin. [NYT]

* The heads of two major crime families meet in Maine to divvy up the action. [NYT, WP]

* GOP may lose Latinos a shitload of voters after the immigration bill every major policy initiative of the last seven years fails. Bravo, gents, good show. [NYT]

* If stress makes you fat, then why is Fred Thompson so fucking fat? [WP]

* Joe Leiberman continues to alienate everybody. [LAT]

* He also wants to know exactly what you're doing all the time. [The Hill]

* In exchange for Lewinsky, Hillary apparently got Bill's balls. [WP]

* Newt is waiting to see if Fred Thompson is revolting enough before he decides whether or not to run for president. [WP]


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