Not All Ethical Lapses Are Republican

Liberal is probably not the same thing as righteousEleven years ago, Republican leaders got together on a conference call to discuss ethical allegations against Newt Gingrich, and were joined by some non-Republicans with a tape recorder. Eventually, Democratic Representative Jim McDermott leaked the (illegally recorded) tape to the press. Jim got sued by John "Orangey- Delicious" Boehner and lost, but really, really didn't want to pay the fines, so the case dragged on for nine more forgettable years. Today, however, the Supreme Court declined to hear McDermott's latest appeal, leaving him stuck with the legal judgment of $10,000 in statutory and $50,000 in punitive damages for the leak, plus Boehner's legal costs for 9 years of appeals. Boehner presented McDermott with a bill for $880,000. Damn those D.C. lawyers are expensive. [CQ Politics]


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