Not Even Kerry Can Help Republicans

Sister Lovers - WonketteKerry's pointless (or was it?) performance appears to have had no effect on the election. Dems are actually polling higher now, although not even old Yankee McLongface would try to take credit for that.

New polls prove that Bush remains far more hated than Kerry, presumably because the loathsome Kerry hasn't actually been destroying the country for the past five-and-a-half years. (Kerry spends his time issuing robotic statements about whatever happens on a given day: Iraq, oil prices, the World Series, forwarded e-mails, Brad and Angelina gossip, recipes he's trying, etc.)

And across the board, Dems have "their biggest monthly advantage of the last two campaign cycles." If John Kerry can't even sink the Democrats, the GOP is finished. Luckily for the White House, the "military option" is still on the table.

Bush to Botch Joke About Stupid Troops [Reason]


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