Not Even News for a Saturday: Ann Coulter Insults Somebody

ann coulter 2.jpgAnn Coulter, our favorite self-destructing conservative pundit, recently spoke before a large, somewhat unruly crowd at Indiana University in Bloomington. Her audience thinned over time, as security personnel removed more and more of its members:

Within the first two minutes of her speech, one student yelled out to Coulter, "Go back to Germany," to which another student responded with obscenities. The two got involved in a heated altercation and four officers had to remove the students from the event.

No Coulter appearance would be complete without a few gratuitous epithets. This time around, during the question-and-answer period, Coulter derisively addressed one questioner as "gay boy," based on his manner of speech.

Many audience members were offended by this -- but really, was "gay boy" that bad by Coulter standards? Hasn't she said the same thing about John Kerry?

Ann Coulter Splits IU's Crowd [Indiana Daily Student]


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