Not Feeling Mother's Day? Celebrate 'Hooray For Buttons Day' Instead!


Today is Mother's Day. For some amount of people, it's a super happy and fun day that traditionally involves flowers and mimosas in some capacity, possibly a greeting card or two, presents if you're fancy. Or just a day to hang out with your mother, whom you actually like and get along with. For other people, it's maybe a little more complicated. Maybe your relationship with your mother is a little complicated. Maybe your mother is no longer around for whatever reason. Maybe you haven't seen her in over a year because of the pandemic and this, like so many other holidays in the past year, just kind of feels like a real bummer.

Whatever your reason — we have another holiday for you to celebrate. Because this is America and every day is a holiday you've never heard of before.

Today? Well, today is also National Lost Sock Memorial Day, Moscato Day, Day of the National Emblem and Flag of Belarus, National Butterscotch Brownie Day, National Sleepover Day, National Tear Off The Mattress Tags Day, National Veal Ban Action Day, and ... Hooray For Buttons Day.

Yes. It is Hooray For Buttons Day. Not just Buttons Day. Hooray for Buttons Day.

According to one of those sites that tells you what holiday it is ...

Button collecting, which is most popular in the United States, varies from people having buttons in a container for future use, to casual collecting, to competitive collecting. The National Button Society was founded in 1938. Hobbies magazine had organized a hobby show in Chicago in 1938, and button collectors participated in the show. Later that year they formed the Society and held their own button show the following year. Many state and local button clubs were formed the following decade, and they also put on button shows. Today the National Button Society has over 3,000 members in four continents. The Society focuses on educational research and exhibitions, the publication of materials about buttons, and the preservation of the importance of buttons.

Should you like to join the National Button Society, you can do so here. For $35 a year.

Curiously, this holiday has no sponsor, and is not mentioned in any context other than on those sites that tell you what holiday it is. We cannot figure out who came up with this or decided there should be a national Hooray For Buttons Day. Apparently there is a National Day Registry where anyone can just ... pay a certain amount of money and get a National Whatever They Want Day. Although that seems kind of like a scam, like how Star Registries are a scam and you can't really name a star after your grandma. Or like that Go Ask Alice book where they played a game called "Button, button who's got the button?" where they put an acid tab in one can of soda and then gave everyone a soda but only one person got the one with the acid tab in it? And then it turned out the whole thing was a giant hoax and also absolutely no one was playing any Surprise LSD games in high school?

Ok. Maybe not.

But sure! Hooray for buttons! At least they're not side zippers. Because fuck side zippers.

All of these seem reasonable enough days to celebrate, were one looking for another holiday. Except for the Belarus one if you're not Belarusian. I noticed earlier this morning that "Dazed And Confused" is streaming on Peacock, and probably "The Craft" and "Jawbreaker" are both streaming somewhere as well, should one want to celebrate National Sleepover Day (in an explicitly dated fashion ... in the daytime). Or, if you happen to like things that are way too sweet, make some butterscotch brownies and eat them with moscato. The possibilities are, well, not endless, but reasonable.


(ETA the thing about Go Ask Alice because I can't believe I forgot such an important button-related cultural reference for even a moment.)

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