Not Feeling the Hilla-fever

I think it's well-established that Chris Matthews is not a fan of Hillary. At a minimum, he's kind of a sexist, annoying cheek-pincher with a raging case of Obamania. At a maximum, well, we think he might just need to be stopped from speaking extemporaneously about politicians because the stupidest crap pretty much flies out of his mouth.

Please, watch and "enjoy" as Chris Matthews says he'll never underestimate Hillary again, and then proceeds to inform viewers that they only reason she ever became Senator is that people still felt bad for her being cuckolded. Um, Chris? I was a New York resident in 2000, and the reason she won is because: she was the Democratic candidate in true-blue New York; her opponent sucked monkey balls; he inappropriately confronted her in a debate; and she campaigned her ass off. But, whatever, she was obviously elected in a landslide (twice) because her husband cheated on her. Way to help "inform" the electorate.

One Day After Saying He'll "Never Underestimate Hillary Clinton Again," Chris Matthews Says She's Only A Presidential Candidate Because Bill "Messed Around" [TalkingPointsMemo]


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