Not Jeff Gannon: The French New Wave Syndrome

An excerpt from an interview with Not Jeff Gannon, who is not a hustler who peddled Republican message straight from the White House briefing room, on the UnCNN:

NOT JEFF GANNON: Well, several years ago, before I didn't come to Washington, I received a couple French New Wave DVDs as a secret Santa gift. I never even unwrapped them from the plastic, but I did put Breathless and Contempt among my collection of action films. But no, I would never purchase them. French New Wave films make me sick and I bet John Kerry would have been the first president to enjoy French New Wave films.
In fact, we hear John Kerry prefers the second French New Wave; late at night he listens to the soundtrack from Diva and cries, all the while cramming goat cheese in his rich liberal maw.

A Man Not Called Jeff [Jeff Gannon Blog]


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