Not Quite Thinking Up To Speed


  • Tuesday, September 1: Always eager to offer a positive view of mankind, the Libertarians have declared us to be greedy, lazy people who act out of self-interest with complete disregard for society at large. This, and our desire to own homes, pretty much sums up their take on why we're in this financial crisis. But don't worry, the Cato Institute has found a way to overcome our shortcomings and will be presenting its riveting solutions tomorrow at 12PM. [Cato Institute]

  • Tuesday, September 1: It's "shake your finger at Obama" time! What's he done wrong this week? Reiterated his commitment to diplomatically engage with Iran when everyone knows that this won't work, the Heritage Foundation people say! They know everything, will continue their attacks on our dear old Pres this Tuesday at 11AM. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Tuesday, September 1: As peace seems to be an unattainable goal, you can always count on the US Institute of Peace to 1) exist and 2) host thought provoking events about relevant topics no matter the humidity level. They explore the political crisis in Chad tomorrow at 2PM. [US Institute of Peace]
  • Wednesday, September 2: Afghanistan may have just experienced its worst month of violence in a long while, but it is Japan, JAPAN, that CSIS has declared to be the "most pressing foreign and domestic" issue of the month. Huh? They discuss the countries' elections Wednesday at 5:30PM. [CSIS]

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