• ROBOT Magazine February centerfold Nate Silver has predicted that Slumdog Millionare will be the new senator from Minnesota. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Republicans are telling slanderous lies about Nevadan God of Impotence Harry Reid's high-speed casino-to-Hollywood ambitions. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Michelle Obama has bought the penny a fancy new look from J.Crew. The coin will now feature a photo-diary of Lincoln's many houses, including: a log cabin, a wooden log presumably just adjacent to a log cabin, the "White House", and the Capitol Building. [Top of the Ticket]
  • Mittens the (Fat) Cat is selling half (1/2) of his retainer of barionial estates, namely his haunted forest ski sanctuary and his Boston pied a terre. [AMERICAblog]
  • International gerrymanderer Barack Obama has recently purchased the territory of Uzbekistan and will probably make it our 51st state. [RedState]

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