Not to Start a Turf War Here, but Domestic Ladies' Undergarments Are Clearly the FBI's Domain

spookburglar.jpgWith the Plame case losing ink to Abramoff and the NSA, the CIA is clearly lashing out.

[...]George C. Dalmas III, 44, works at the CIA. He has now been charged with 17 burglaries in the McLean area. And in a search of his Falls Church home, police said, they found a stunning trove of cash, jewelry, antiques, license plates -- and bags filled with more than 1,000 women's undergarments.

Attorney General Gonzales has already released a statement insisting that "President Washington, President Lincoln, President Wilson, [and] President Roosevelt have all authorized pantie-raiding on a far broader scale."

Employee Of CIA Accused In Thefts [WP]


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