Not With a Press Conference, But With a Whimper

Back to the think tanks for you, loser - WonketteJohn "Bushy" Bolton is supposedly the next Bush Administration creature to say goodbye, but he may not even get the fancy luxury of a White House press conference hosted by George "Fabulous Job" Bush.

Incoming Foreign Relations chairman Joe Biden has always hated Bolton, which pretty much kills Mustache Man's long ignored "confirmation process."

According to NewsMax, Bolton staffers say he's quitting "next month." You may recall how he was going to "clean up" the UN and slap around any uppity foreigners who looked at him wrong. Instead, everybody conspired to drive him crazy with regular anti-American rants by the likes of Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud "Iranian Guy" Ahmadinejad.

John Bolton Likely to Depart U.N. [NewsMax]

Bush set to lose UN enforcer [Daily Telegraph]


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