Noted Literary Scholar Sarah Palin Tweets About Orwell, Obama

So is Sarah Palin saying George Orwell did not write fiction, he wrote history books, and thus Obama is rewriting this history? That must be terrifying for Sarah Palin, knowing that just decades ago farm animals established a communist state right on Western soil. Or is she saying Obama will take credit for the surge, and thus Obama is a minor civil servant in the government who revises records in order to further official propaganda, a la 1984? Probably that one. So if Obama is just a civil servant, then who is president?

SARAH PALIN! Basically! No.

Socialism is very exciting.

In this batch of BlackBerry farts, Palin also tweeted this video:

[youtube expand=1]

Look at those dogs running together in unison! That's a SOCIALIST PLOT! Just listen to them whine like striking union workers! [Twitter]


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