Noted Shark-Lover Harry Reid Spars With Shark Victim Tom Coburn


The Shark lobby.If there's one story that distills our current politics it's this one. Everything comes down to this: Democrats like Harry Reid like sharks because they get all their money from Hollywood liberal sharks like that one that starred in Jaws, but Republicans like Tom Coburn were bitten by sharks when they were kids and thus hate them. So Reid and Coburn got a little testy today over legislation that deals with stopping the harvesting of shark fins. Reid thought everyone wanted to protect sharks, but Coburn says Reid is in the pocket of special interests, which in this case is apparently "Big Shark."

“Because of a loophole in the existing law, animals are still caught, their fins are severed and the dismembered shark is thrown back in the ocean to die,” said Reid. “But they don’t die. They suffer a horrible and protracted death. All that cruelty for a bowl of soup.”

Hmm, how does one suffer a horrible and protracted death without dying? Must be some sort of evil socialist benefit Demrats will only give to MAN-EATING SHARK TERRORISTS, not humans. Typical.

When Coburn asked Wednesday to be recognized on the Senate floor — a routine request — Reid objected, leaving Coburn momentarily speechless. [...]

"The problems that are facing this country are so big and so massive that our attention ought to be focused on those large problems, not on five separate bills that have been proffered for special interest groups."

But are our problems as big as A HUGE PACK OF SHARKS THAT WILL EAT US IF WE DON'T PASS THEIR BILL? Sometimes you just have to give into the special interest, Tom. [The Hill]


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