Nothing Changes Around Here

  • Zimbabwe's Friday run-off election shows little signs of being called off. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has called for the UN to intervene, and a group of three southern African countries is scheduled to meet today to address the crisis. South Africa is, notably, not involved. [New York Times]
  • Democrats putting together the National Convention discover there's no such thing as an organic, union-made fanny pack. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Republicans will show the world who's environmentally conscious! They will take the brave step of calling for more energy conservation. [The Hill]
  • And who's leading the GOP's bold new charge? John McCain, that's who. [Washington Post]
  • John McCain trails Barack Obama in all the polls, but this is good, because he loves to be the underdog. In other words, he will win by losing. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Barack Obama asked his top donors if they had any spare change to give this nice lady who's looking to scrape together $10 million or so. [Washington Post]

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