Nothing Quite Like A Lame Duck Press Secretary

Here's the White House rebuttal to allegations that President Bush, despite his recent assertion that the national anthem should be sung in English, used to sing it in Spanish while on the campaign trail:


And who, you are wondering, has sold El Decidero down el rio? Why, none other than outgoing press secretary Scott McClellan:

"The president can speak Spanish but not that well," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. "He's not that good with his Spanish."

McClellan's comment was noticeable because presidential press secretaries usually boast about a president's ability rather than talk about any shortcomings. McClellan is in the last days of his job, leaving the White House next week.

Despite our general skepticism towards McClellan pronouncements, we actually kinda buy this defense. Scotty may be doing a better job as a lame duck than when he actually gave a shit.

Bush's Spanish 'No Muy Bueno,' White House Says [CNN]

Candidate Bush Would 'Sing The Star-Spangled Banner in Spanish' At Hispanic Festivals [Think Progress]


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