Nothing To See Here But Coups And Crashes

  • An IRS worker said it was "unfair" of that crazy guy to fly his plane into her office building, which is certainly one way of describing it! [CBS News]
  • OH YAWN it's just another regular Friday in Niger following a military coup that removed President Mamadou Tandja. [Reuters]
  • President Obama heard there was some sort of "foreclosure problem" going on in Las Vegas, so he will be going there to make a speech and pledge too little money to fix a crisis that went from "huge" to "dire" in, oh, 2007? [ABC News]
  • Republicans, after a year of yowling about the deficit, consented "reluctantly" to join a bipartisan commission devoted to fixing the deficit. [Washington Post]
  • The evil prince from our nation's beloved Shrek franchise won an Olympic gold medal! [New York Times]

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