Novak Confirms Shelley Sekula-Gibbs Is Nuts

It can't be easy to outrage Tom DeLay's staff. We have known some of The Hammer's people, and they're generally vindictive sleazebag thugs. They even stood out on the Hill. What would it take to make them all quit and stomp off to sulk at Starbucks?

Was Shelley Sekula-Gibbs giving forced abortions to white Christians while listening to Barbra Streisand? Nah. She just demanded that Bush and Cheney show up for her very special swearing in, which violates ... sanity, or something. A Wonkette Operative sends the relevant chunk of Bob Novak's upcoming column, which we've kindly hidden after the jump.

The last remnants of the resigned Tom DeLay's once powerful congressional staff on Tuesday walked out of the office of his temporary successor, Rep. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, because of exasperation with her. Sekula-Gibbs, a Houston City Council member and physician, was elected to serve in the lame-duck session but was defeated in a write-in for a full term.

The last straw for the DeLay alumni was when they were instructed by Sekula-Gibbs to make sure President Bush and Vice President Cheney were seated in the gallery for her swearing-in. The word on Capitol Hill is that she must have been really obnoxious for staffers to give up two months of easy pay.

Sekula-Gibbs's conduct raises doubts whether she will be the Republican nominee whose name will appear on the 2008 ballot in the strongly GOP Texas district.

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Corrupt Texas Rep. Temporarily Replaced by Crazy Texas Rep.


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