Novelty Song-Writer Ray Stevens Is the Bard of the Teabaggers


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Ray Stevens is a 71-year-old singer-songwriter who was popular in the 1970s and 80s for his funny novelty songs such as "Ahab the Arab" (pronounced "A-rab") and "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival" and "It's Me Again Margaret," all of which your afternoon editor recommends for their high kitsch value. But now this silly song-man's career has taken a very political turn; a turn that has taken him into the AOL inboxes of Teabaggers across the country.

Ray Stevens' "We the People" has been hailed as "fast becoming the anthem of the Tea Party Movement."

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But that is not quite as funny as his recent issue videos:

[youtube expand=1]

[youtube expand=1]

Keep it up, Ray! And pay attention libruls: This is what American culture will look like when the Teabaggers FINALLY sweep into power. [Ray Stevens]


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