Now DC's Bridges Are Collapsing

FEAR FOR YOUR LIVES - WonketteWait how did we not hear about the Baltimore-Washington Parkway being closed? Sure, we don't drive, and we aren't going to Baltimore this weekend or anything, and we don't really read, like, the metro section, but still. It was closed because -- wait for it -- BRIDGES ARE FUCKING COLLAPSING.

Shortly after noon "FIST-SIZED" CHUNKS OF CONCRETE fell right off the Greenbelt Road Bridges onto the northbound lane out in PG county, according to the Baltimore Sun. But they reopened the whole thing an hour ago and they promise that EVERYTHING'S FINE DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.

More fun facts:

A state highway administration spokesman said it was a federal bridge, while the park police spokesman said he understood that it was a state-owned bridge.

We will continue fearing all parts of our nation's shitty infrastructure.

Route 295 Reopened in Prince George's Co. [Sun]


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