Now That Nobody Cares & Obama Is Republican, Dem Wins Last House Race


Hooray for the Democrats! Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY) finally defeated his Republican challenger, some guy. This means the GOP only has 242 seats in the House, and the Democrats have 193. According to Senate rules established last year, 242 isn't really a solid majority over 193, so the Democrats control the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, Barack Obama literally turned into Ronald Reagan this week, and he/it has vowed to veto all legislation from the Democrat-controlled Congress -- unless the legislation is actually written and approved by Republicans.

The New York Daily News reports:

Republican Randy Altschuler has finally thrown in the towel in his quest to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop in Long Island's NY-1, the country's last undecided House race.

The campaign said Bishop was leading by 263 votes with 977 absentee ballots left to be counted -- a situation that left Altschuler unlikely to win. The campaign has also dropped its legal challenges to the remaining uncounted ballots.

[NY Daily News/USA Today]


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