Now That's What We Call Fun With Federal Government Websites

There was DHS, then FEMA, perennial favorite the NRO, the brilliant artistry of the USDA, and eventually our frenemies overseas joined in with Captain Hamad and the cutest martyr in Palestine.

But all must take a backseat to the awesomeness of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms kids website. Not because it has a funny mascot, or cats in rocketships, or human-animal hybrids, or even because it's very good -- it was clearly thrown together in 20 minutes by a guy with no web design experience. No, because it has pictures, drawn by kids, depicting what they think their ATF agent parents do.


There are a shitload more after the jump. Why? Because we love you.

dsc_555020%.jpgdsc_556020%.jpgdsc_556420%.jpgdsc_556820%.jpgThis might be our very favorite one. Look at how perfectly it captures the quiet desperation of the lifelong bureaucrat. This is not a happy man, and when he goes home to Douglas, he feels only vague dissatisfaction -- where did it all go wrong? Why am I not like Mom, above, who shoots?

dsc_557320%.jpgdsc_557620%.jpgYoung Magnolia's parents seem to have told her that the "T" is for "Turtles."

dsc_557820%.jpgdsc_558320%.jpgReilly depicts the nightly phone call home from Dad, saying he'll be working late. The Walter Mitty fantasies of the Desk Jockey are known all too well in that household.

dsc_558420%.jpgdsc_559420%.jpgdsc_559620%.jpgYoung Elena is a budding political speechwriter. She designed the background for the President's Monday Town Hall.

dsc_560520%.jpgdsc_560620%.jpgdsc_561220%.jpgYou can tell which kids' parents tell them the truth.

dsc_563420%.jpgIt says "Elementary School," but it means "Paramilitary Compound." Ruby Ridge 2, people.


Kids Art Contest [AFT]


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