NPR: Full of It

Sometimes you don't even need to write the jokes: There was a gas leak at the National Public Radio building. And now "some natural gas odors have migrated into the building." But don't worry: There's going to be a "purge."

    From: Communications

    Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 5:46 PM

    Subject: Update: Gas Leak Plugged

    To: All DC Staff

    Re: Update: Gas Leak Plugged

    As indicated in the previous communication, the gas company has responded to the leak outside of Mass Ave. Workers have put a temporary plug in the gasline. The gas odor will now dissipate outside the building. The gas company will now schedule to come back to complete the final repairs. We will keep everyone posted.

    One other note: Due to the afternoon foot traffic into and out of the front of the building, some natural gas odors have migrated into the building from outside. The facility/engineering group will purge the building to eliminate this odor as quickly as possible. . . Thank you for your patience.


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