Welcome to the USofNRA! And woe be unto you, any politician who dares to cross our not so new overlords in this quick-draw special interest group, by trying to maybe take high-capacity magazines from any maybe-crazy-maybe-not person who wants to get their warm, live fingers on a gun. Becausein Colorado, where two rather awful mass-murdering shooting sprees were committed by some awfully deranged mass-murdering spree shooters in Columbine and Aurora, state Senator Angela Giron and Senate President John Morse were straight up recalled by 56% and 51% respectively of the maybe voter suppressed folks in their districts, because "Morse and Democrats passed laws that limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and require universal background checks on all gun sales and transfers."

FIFTEEN ROUNDS? What in the name of shooting stuff up real good are we supposed to do with just fifteen rounds? Come on, that's like, only fifteen bullets before we have to reload! And we've only got two hands! And if there's a gun in both of them, then thirty bullets is all we would have and that is certainly not enough to, um, shoot something more than 30 times? And how can anyone think that limiting bullets and having some sort of terrible "universal" background check on just who might be buying these sorts of things would maybe help keep the awfully deranged from getting to do sprees by shooting? Some people had to be fired over this. Bring on the NRA firing squad:

The first recall election in Colorado's history on Tuesday marked a stunning victory for the National Rifle Association and gun rights activists, with the ouster of two Democrats -- Senate President John Morse (Colorado Springs) and state Sen. Angela Giron (Pueblo). The two lawmakers were the target of separate recall fights over their support for stricter gun laws earlier this year.

Ahem. Please to allow us a moment to use our crappy English major and name-drop quote some Yeats: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with a terrible intensity." And as always with low-voter turn out fests like recalls, the intensity here was on the side of the gun-clingers and now the NRA can be all SEE SEE? No one likes stupid gun control. The Founding Fathers (who never even knew how awesome an arsenal of AR15s could be) would have loved the idea and are dead but on our side and who cares if we had to throw a lawsuit out there to stop mail-in voting, which is like, the way a whole lot of Colorado people like to vote?

A big blow to Morse and Giron was a ruling that prohibited voting by mail in the election, even though Colorado voters have overwhelmingly relied on mail-in ballots in the past. The decision ignored a state law passed earlier this year that guaranteed a ballot by mail to every registered voter in Colorado, including in a recall election.

Ignoring state law, just like the founding fathers intended. It's almost like this voter suppression thing is the GOP's entire electoral strategy. Voter suppression now, voter suppression something, voter suppression forever.

The super-twin powers of fascisty goodness Koch Brothers also dumped some cash into Colorado's recall, because these dudes are not about to be left out of any kind of "how can we subvert some democracy today" good times, and they do not even care about guns:

Indeed, the Koch brothers' involvement had little to do with guns, and AFP primarily focused its attacks against Morse on other issues that made him a vulnerable target in his conservative-leaning district. The group distributed fliers and doorhangers likening Morse to Bloomberg on virtually every issue except guns, instead concentrating on issues like taxes and health care.

Because yes, in a fight about guns, let us not forget how high the Koch Bros taxes are and also, fuck Obamacare. As some guy said, "It's not just necessarily for the gun votes, although it is important to be able to have as much ammunition in a gun as you want," Republican Jay Benson said as he voted for the recall. "I really didn't like the elections bill (Morse) helped pass." So who the hell knows what these people were doing all of this for?

But there is just one little bit of happy nice time in what seems like democracy getting shot more than fifteen times by someone who shoulda been universally background checked. The law these fired people passed is still a law and the majority of the state senate still supports it, and so does the governor who signed it. So! Way to spend $190K on a recall, Colorado, universal background checks and 15 bullets is still all you get.



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