NRA Just Going To Stick Gun Stuff Into Every Bill From Now On


With their best friends the Supreme Court routinely doing them solids on overturning urban gun control, the National Rifle Association has nothing better to do now than make sureevery random law that gets passed has some funny gun part to it. Things like the new credit card law's provision that you can now carry a loaded gun in national parks. And the part of the health care legislation that bans insurance companies charging higher premiums for having a gun in your home. And the stuff in the proposed D.C. voting rights bill that would increase "gun rights" in Washington and also only let you elect a gun to Congress.

“The last two years have been a disaster for us,” said Representative Carolyn McCarthy, a New York Democrat and a longtime advocate of increased gun control. “A lot of members are just afraid of the N.R.A.”

Afraid? Why would you be afraid of patriots holding three assault rifles on every appendage and pointing them in your face? Well, it's refreshing that Congress is finally afraid to stand up to a lobby.

The N.R.A. was just as aggressive last month in getting Congressional Democrats to carve out an exemption tailor-made for the group to exclude it from the so-called Disclose Act, requiring disclosure of donors, rather than risk a defeat of the whole bill because of opposition from Republicans and conservative Democrats supportive of gun rights.

Oh good! Now they can keep their biggest secret, zombie Charlton Heston raising money for the NRA by giving out handjobs with his cold, dead hands.

The NRA is being criticized by nutjobs for working with Democrats to give them everything they want. Especially for working with Harry Reid. “I’ll give you four words: Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,” their chief lobbyist says to those people. Haha, that guy's a Jew!

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, said in pursuing an ambitious legislative agenda, President Obama — who has been largely silent on gun issues — and Congressional Democrats must either work with the gun lobby or risk losing votes. “They basically end up saying, ‘We’re willing to capitulate to the N.R.A. to get the greater good of whatever passed,’ ” he said.

Understandable, perhaps. But the NRA will not stop until federal law mandates that every citizen has a gun in both hands at all times. [NYT]


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