NRA Planning On Endorsing Harry Reid Over America's Favorite Shooter, Sharron Angle


RedStatehas a Drudge Siren (ironically? no, probably not) exclusive today: the National Rifle Association is planning on endorsing Harry Reid for U.S. Senate in Nevada instead of armed insurrection candidate Sharron Angle. How can the NRA support a librul like Harry Reid over somebody who actually wants to use her Second Amendment rights to shoot people like Harry Reid? RedState says those evil hypocrites at the NRA are supporting Reid because he got a $61 million earmark for a gun range in Clark County, Nevada. Yes, this is a thing that exists, because we need our federal government to provide people who do not have enough gun ranges more gun ranges.


[youtube expand=1]

Oh, look Harry Reid and the NRA love each other. "I repeat: This is and will be the finest shooting park in the world."

Aren't you proud of this shooting park you bought for Harry Reid and the NRA, America? [RedState]


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