NRA's Sinister Secret Messages Drive People Nuts!

Who knew the NRA could be a funny political topic? The boring lobbying group just keeps giving back to America with the crazy no-longer-so-secret graphic novel about the sinister Jews, Illegal-alien gang Negroes, the UN and animal-rights terrorists all conspiring with Rosie O'Donnell and George Soros and Katie Couric to steal our precious freedoms and cause various natural disasters.

The latest: That PDF final proof of the scary "FREEDOM IN PERIL" booklet contains all sorts of semi-hidden editing notes and instructions and comments between the paymasters and the artists:

* "Idea: George Soros (God like) sitting on stacks of money, guns burning all around him."

* "Idea: When disaster triggers collapse of society, all that stands between your family's security and chaotic crime is a firearm. Concept: Night scene of a horrifically ravaged middle-class neighborhood -- by hurricane or tornado or riots or terrorist act - abandoned by police and left powerless against violent mayhem by roving gangs. A lone father stands guard over his home, wife and children with a shotgun."

* "Concept: Iconic evil non-American figure with blazing torch seeks to overpower and set fire to American flag defended by iconic American muscular warrior. Good guy has death grip on bad guy's throat and on the torch, which has already caused the flag to smolder. The balance of power is dangerously equal; neither combatant has advantage."

What is an "iconic evil non-American figure," anyway? The Pope? The Queen of England? Serge Gainsbourg?

In case you missed it: NRA's wacky graphic novel (UPDATED) [Boing Boing]

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NRA's Secret Graphic Novel Revealed!


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