NRCC Pretty Much Full Of Liberals As Recently As 2010, According To NRCC

As we noted in ourearlier dispatch from the front lines in the War on Christmas, the National Republican Congressional Committee quickly sold out its entire stock of festive seasonal t-shirts. On the front, the shirts say “‘Happy Holidays’ is what liberals say,” and on the back, there's a jolly "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" plus an implied, "GODDAMNIT!"

Which is why we were so delighted when brand-new commenter “chrilter” sent us a linky to the above 2010 "Happy Holidays" wish from the NRCC. Nicely done, chrilter -- you stepped up to the plate for your very first Wonkette comment and knocked it out of the park.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good schadenfreude.

Doktor Zoom

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