What is this, the famous journal of conservative thought (now begging you to subscribe for HALF OFF!) is calling on Brave Norm Coleman to actually give up fighting this election he lost to an actual teevee clown? In one of the typical remedial-blog-posting bits which make "The Corner" required reading in, we don't know, maybe child prison camps?, Ramesh Ponnuru dramatically makes the case that Coleman should give up the fight.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Norm Coleman [Ramesh Ponnuru]

I think it's time for him to give up this fight.

04/07 03:05 PM

You know, we've been wondering what drives us so fucking nuts about this Twitter idiocy, and we think we maybe found the answer: Twitter is National Review Online's "The Corner."

The brief, banal thoughts tapped out all day long, that is pure "The Corner" style. It's no wonder so many fat washed-up Republicans have excitedly embraced this dimbulb fad for middle-aged people who actually consider the ability to fart out typo-ridden nonsense on an overpriced cellphone to be the keys of admission to some World of Opposites version of "hip."


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