Nuts May Contain Nuts

* "Zis is peanuts, yah?" [Sour 'N Sweet]

* "I've already consumed a number of pills of some sort and waited patiently for someone to make me some coffee, but it appears that too many of my coworkers are off doing less important things [Manifest Destiny]

* "Props to the cop at 21st and M" [DC Sidewalk Blog]

* "Yes, the only individual in this car -- a 50-something suit -- was a man with whom, up until the moment he pulled up and motioned me over to his passenger window, I was not at all acquainted." [A Serious Job Is No Excuse]

* "It's pretty obvious that his lines were written by the same stoned dudes who wrote the script for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. And I'll note, dorkingly, that Malibu probably wouldn't come out from a day of 'cosmic rays' with the deep beach tan he's prominently displaying to all the girls in the audience with hot pink tank tops and cut-off jean shorts." [End The Cola Wars!]

* "Thank God It's A Fucking Three Day Weekend" [Yeah, So I'm...]


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