NY Post Washington Correspondent Blind Item

We got three -- three! -- guesses as to the identity of the asshole mentioned in yesterday's Page Six item about a Washington correspondent who may be sued by his "long-suffering" assistant. It's not even worth telling you who they were. What's the matter with you people? We're the ones who are supposed to be worried about a lawsuit. Whatever. Maybe it's one of those "overwhelmed by a surfeit of options" things. We did get a helpful note eliminating our initial nominee, the WP's Reliable Source, Rich "My Assistant Wears No Pants" Leiby:

how big of an idiot are you? leiby's isn't a "washington correspondent," since the washington post is, uh, BASED in washington. also he's been in that job less than 6 months. so how long could any "suffering" go on? 
First, we're huge idiots. Second, the suffering could go on for six months. Or is that a trick question? We're really too stupid to tell if you're joking or not. Hey, how would one figure out if someone is kidding about something, anyway? Would repeatedly referencing a lack of pants be a clue?

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