Hello! Here's a "lost dispatch" from last night, when your Occupy Wall Street correspondent temporarily fled Zuccotti Park, mostly due to looming thunderstorms/cowardice. (The NYPD has prohibited the use of tents and all tent-like structures, hooray.) Anyway! This collection of noteworthy day-old Occupy Wall Street news will also not be heard on NPR, and not just because they're currently obsessed with foraging for Thomas Jefferson's favorite fruit snack.

  • Approximately 100 mail parcels containing canned foods, multifarious supplies and messages of support arrived at Zuccotti Park yesterday morning. The protesters have also received more than $25,000 in donations since September 17.

  • The New York Transit Workers Union voted to support the Occupation and will be joining the protesters on Friday. (Now this has already happened.)

  • Police ordered the removal of a tarp that was protecting computers and other electronics from inhospitable weather ("just in time for the rain," noted one protester) yesterday afternoon. We have video documentation after the jump!

Can you spot famous hip-hop icon Russell Simmons standing around looking confused/upset?

Wonkette's Riley Waggaman is living amongst the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan.


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