NYT: Al Gore Drunk, Hungry

That suitcase is full of gin and sammiches

OK, so, they've changed the caption now, though the "alcoholic" bit remains in the story's second graph. Still, what really inspired a Wonkette call to arms was this:

While his new fame often draws a crowd, and often requires him to have aides in tow, he sometimes travels solo to business meetings or out and about. One friend recalled how Mr. Gore was alone in a San Francisco subway station recently, eating a low-fat sandwich as passers-by took pictures of him.

Surely at least one person who saw the absurd image of Al Gore eating a sandwich in a subway station and knew it had to be photographed also reads this blog. The first person to send us a pic wins the coveted Wonkette Medal of Freedom. Bonus points for explaining how passers-by knew it was low-fat. Our guess: Gore was saying "I AM EATING A LOW-FAT SANDWICH" to nobody in particular

Star in New Role, Gore Revisits Old Stage [NYT]


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