NYT Drops Second Paterson Bombshell: Governor Is A Bit Of A Slacker


As if the amazing revelations that New York Governor David Patersonhas a pal who sucks weren't enough, now the New York Times has an even sexier sex-related scandal to report! It seems that when it comes to actual governing, Paterson is kind of "meh" and would prefer to hang out in the Hamptons with his rich patrons. Salacious!

For starters, Paterson keeps a schedule to rival a common blogger in its slackerdom:

A review of several months of Mr. Paterson’s private schedules shows that his days were not long; he often arrived at his office in Manhattan or Albany after 10 a.m. and departed by 4:30 or 5 p.m.

Sometimes, he has failed to show up at long-scheduled events.

Also, blah blah blah, ooh this: spendy spending, all the time, in fancy New York restaurants.

There is a $304 tab at Le Cirque in Manhattan. There were two large expenditures at the Water Club — $670 and $299. And the campaign spent more than $1,000 at the Mojo restaurant in Harlem, for the governor’s birthday.

Of course, candidates are permitted to spend campaign money to hold fund-raising events and court donors, and the places money often gets raised — New York and Washington — are hardly cheap. But the frequency of such outings in Mr. Paterson’s campaign accounts is striking, especially when contrasted with the spending of other statewide candidates in New York.

And last but most damningly, he hired some lamer of an ex-girlfriend to do Important Things even though she wasn't really qualified to do these things.

Question: where is the stuff about the gay bathroom sex and the hookers and the heroin between the toes and the embezzlement and funding of overseas military juntas and passing out on his front steps with his pants around his ankles? Because this is just weak.

As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote [New York Times]


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