NYT Mag To Publish First Sexy Feature On McCain Campaign Internal Fighting


Be sure to check your liberalNew York Times Magazine this week, as star reporter Robert Draper has put together "an explosive story... on the inner workings and combative personalities of what has been a wild few months for the McCain campaign," according to the Huffington Post's Sam Stein. You can read his preview here, but be warned, that Sam Stein is a major tease! He says there are all sorts of "juicy nuggets," so presumably he's read an advance copy and is being mean and won't share. BOOOOO! We want the story NOW. Who at the New York Times can leak this? Hmm... oh, ha, obviously Bill Kristol can leak it! Everyone seriously e-mail Bill Kristol immediately, subject line, "E-MAIL ME THE BIG MCCAIN STORY RIGHT NOW, SWINE" and nothing else. It'll work. Go. NOW. [HuffPo]


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